Ricardo Lopes

Ricardo Lopes works as a QA Tech Lead at Feedzai, where he is responsible for disseminating the best set of Software Quality Engineering practices, across different teams and projects.
From early stages in his career always worked on projects with high complexity and demanding requirements across different business areas. 
Test automation, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are his biggest passions… Believes that in order to put these methodologies on the ground it’s necessary to create synergies among the team, so that software quality is a shared responsibility across all the team members


23 November
From Zero (tests) To Hero: A Story of Cross-team Collaboration to Scale Test Automation

In this presentation we will summarize a set of activities that allowed us to scale test automation and to improve the test coverage in different projects by applying a cross team approach. This is a story of: – joining different personas (e.g. QA Engineers and Front End engineers) in the process of developing a testing library – selecting the tools that better suit the different teams / chapters needs – scaling test automation, by having more engineers writing new automated tests at different levels – promoting re-usability across organization – focusing on increasing test coverage rather than new code to support test automation In the end, we were able to break silos across teams and have a shared responsibility towards test automation. Finally and most important: we improved our feedback loop, increased our test automation coverage across different codebases and reduced the amount of manual work on regression testing that needed to be done in order to validate the existing features before releases.