Improve your testing with tmmi


The Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) has a rapidly growing uptake, and is now the de-facto world-wide standard for test process improvement. An overview is provided of the TMMi model, especially TMMi levels 2 and 3 and the way TMMi supports business-driven test process improvement. In addition, the latest developments around the TMMi will be discussed, e.g., TMMi in an Agile context and the result of the world-wide TMMi user survey. The remainder of this halve day tutorial will be spent on how to use and benefit from TMMi as a Test Manager/QA Lead in your project. We will discuss which parts of the TMMi model are especially useful to evaluate and improve your testing practices at project level.

Topics Covered

  • Context for Test Improvement;
  • Introduction TMMi model and TMMi initiative;
  • TMMi Maturity Levels;
  • TMMi & Agile SW Development;
  • TMMi at Project Level;
  • Critical Success Factors

Learning Objectives

  • The background and staged structure of the TMMi model;
  • The test processes defined by TMMi and their priorities;
  • Where and how TMMi is used, and the benefits that are being achieved;
  • How TMMi and Agile work together;
  • How to use and apply TMMi as a test manager in your project

Who Should Attend

The TMMi workshop is aimed at anyone that is involved in test process improvement, either at organizational or at project level.. This includes people in roles such as QA-lead, test managers, test consultants and (lead-)assessors. The TMMi workshop is appropriate for anyone who wants an understanding of the TMMi model.



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