Organisation security awareness


Many organisations, both big and small, have limited security awareness. Sure, they have an IT Team that manages the group policies and firewalls. They might have RFID cards to scan into office doors. They might even have a security guard at the front of the building. And yet, they are still not secure. Too much emphasis is placed on “specialised security” without addressing the weakest link in any security system. Fixed, ponderous security has become the sequential development methodology – let’s make it more Agile!

Topics Covered

  • The nature of a security vulnerability and how they can be exploited;
  • The anatomy of an attack used to exploit a vulnerability;
  • The inadequate way senior staff regard security (and why James Bond is a terrible spy);
  • The steps needed to reduce the attack surface of an organisation;
  • How to improve you organisation security mindset; and
  • The implementation of the Security Manifesto.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the relationships and differences between assets, threats, vulnerabilities, attack surfaces, attack vectors and attacks.
  • Define the terms PerSec and OpSec. and their relationship to the iron triangle.
  • Identify the motivation behind the attacker and the attack used.
  • Identify the changing threat model of the pandemic.
  • Describe the components in a non-technical social engineering attack.
  • Explain the attack surfaces and vectors of ransomware.
  • Employ the security manifesto to foster the security mindset in your organisation.


This tutorial is largely a workshop whereby attendees learn through a number of exercises how to write and review requirements (user stories) including their acceptance criteria.

Who Should Attend

This session is a fun, non-technical look at security, open to everyone interested in developing and exploring a security mindset in an organisation. Every staff member is responsible for security, from the CEO to the newest intern.



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