surviving ethical challenges in tech


Software now pervades almost every aspect of people’s lives. That makes it easy to take its impacts for granted, especially among those immersed in developing it. Yet we know that some systems can do major harm when they fail—and sometimes even when they work “correctly”.
Because there is so much money involved, the chances are high that you as a software practitioner could be asked to do something in your work that conflicts with your values. Perhaps it has happened to you already.

How can you push back without jeopardizing your job or your career?

Topics Covered

  • How to recognise a situation that might present you with an ethical issue.
  • Understanding and managing the real risks presented by an ethical issue, including the risks to you and your career.
  • Ways to challenge unethical or illegal management directions.

Learning Objectives

We can’t escape ethical issues in our work. But we can equip ourselves in advance to recognise and deal with them, rather than waiting until we are faced with the need to make urgent decisions in stressful situations.


This tutorial is largely a workshop whereby attendees learn through a number of exercises how to write and review requirements (user stories) including their acceptance criteria.

Who should attend

This session is a fun, non-technical look at security, open to everyone interested in developing and exploring a security mindset in an organisation. Every staff member is responsible for security, from the CEO to the newest intern.



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