Test Leadership for Business Agility


The Corona pandemic has put companies’ business agility to the test. It has shown how important it is to adapt to new conditions and respond to changes in customer demands. To improve business agility companies are scaling agile approaches from team level to organisational level. How we approach quality and testing need to align with and support this change. If how we think and do testing are not based on the same mindset and principles as the rest of the organisation we become an impediment instead of a catalyst for change and business agility

Topics Covered

In this tutorial we will explore some of the typical quality and testing challenges when scaling agile. We will cover how to leverage existing agile practices to scale quality. One technique is value stream mapping which can be a powerful way to address quality and testing challenges spanning multiple teams. Another technique is Causal Loop Diagram. 

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the relationships and differences between assets, threats, vulnerabilities, attack surfaces, attack vectors and attacks.
  • Define the terms PerSec and OpSec. and their relationship to the iron triangle.
  • Identify the motivation behind the attacker and the attack used.
  • Identify the changing threat model of the pandemic.
  • Describe the components in a non-technical social engineering attack.
  • Explain the attack surfaces and vectors of ransomware.
  • Employ the security manifesto to foster the security mindset in your organisation.


This tutorial is largely a workshop whereby attendees learn through a number of exercises how to write and review requirements (user stories) including their acceptance criteria.

Who Should Attend

The focus is on an organisational level and not on individual teams. It is aimed at people who have a leader role or who are interested in learning more about test leadership. It is highly recommended that participants have some experience with agile at scale and are familiar with Scaled Agile Framework and LeSS.



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