Tomás Ribeiro

After finishing his degree in Engineering Physics and doing a Master’s Thesis in Robotics & AI, Tomás decided to turn to Testing. In January 2021, Tomás joined Siemens to work on Test Automation and, after a few months, was put in charge of implementing a new type of testing: Performance Testing. Since then, Tomás has tested more than 15 different applications, each developed by a different team and with different technologies. Nowadays, Tomás keeps testing several applications and acts as a Performance Testing evangelizer within Siemens, advocating for the need to test applications in this regard.


28 November - Call For Speakers

Testing for Faster Performance @ Siemens!

The quality of a product is jointly defined by its functional and non-functional requirements. A non-functional requirement that is often not tested is Performance. In the last 2 years, Siemens has introduced Performance Testing to several of its internal applications. In this presentation, I’ll give an overview about what is Performance Testing and how we, at Siemens, have incorporated it in our internal applications. I’ll discuss topics such as:

  • The Performance Testing process in a project.
  • Which tools can be used to conduct this type of tests.
  • The challenges we’ve encountered in executing these tests and interpreting its results.
  • The gains that can come from its execution. By the end of this presentation, you’ll have a clear idea about how to incorporate Performance Testing in your own organization.