22 November 2021 - Half day

Requirements Engineering for Testers

Testers use requirements as the basis of test cases, review them for testability, and often participate in general requirements reviews or inspections. Unfortunately, many testers have little knowledge or skills in requirements engineering. What level of quality and detail is realistic to expect in requirements documents? What does testability really mean? How can testers help improve requirements? These questions and more will be answered while helping the attendee to develop skills in requirements engineering. 

22 November 2021 - ALL DAY

organisation security awareness

Many organisations, both big and small, have limited security awareness. Sure, they have an IT Team that manages the group policies and firewalls. They might have RFID cards to scan into office doors. They might even have a security guard at the front of the building. And yet, they are still not secure. Too much emphasis is placed on “specialised security” without addressing the weakest link in any security system. Fixed, ponderous security has become the sequential development methodology – let’s make it more Agile!

22 November 2021 - Half day


Software now pervades almost every aspect of people’s lives. That makes it easy to take its impacts for granted, especially among those immersed in developing it. Yet we know that some systems can do major harm when they fail—and sometimes even when they work “correctly”.
Because there is so much money involved, the chances are high that you as a software practitioner could be asked to do something in your work that conflicts with your values. Perhaps it has happened to you already.
How can you push back without jeopardizing your job or your career?

22 November 2021 - ALL day


The Corona pandemic has put companies’ business agility to the test. It has shown how important it is to adapt to new conditions and respond to changes in customer demands. To improve business agility companies are scaling agile approaches from team level to organisational level. How we approach quality and testing need to align with and support this change.
If how we think and do testing are not based on the same mindset and principles as the rest of the organisation we become an impediment instead of a catalyst for change and business agility