Mette Bruhn-Pedersen

Mette Bruhn-Pedersen started her career in software testing and has worked in different roles doing both hands-on testing and test management. Nowadays, Mette works as a change facilitator. She helps organisations understand and implement principles, process and practices which promote and support an agile mindset and culture. Mette is the co-author of the eBook “Testing and Quality in the Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises” published by EuroSTAR Huddle. Together with DSTB, Mette has helped ISTQB develop the ATLaS certification. Besides addressing various topics in Agile at scale, it is also the first certification in ISTQB which has been both developed and released in an Agile manner.


28 November

Agile Test Leadership at Scale

5 years ago Mette talked at conferences about a future where testing as a profession could be disrupted. One of the key points was that Agile at scale would present a lot of opportunities to work with quality and testing. Another point was that there were not a lot of guidance on how to continuously support an Agile transformation from a testing perspective. 
This year, Mette will share ideas about what Agile test leadership could look like on a strategic or organisational level. Some of the ideas relates to:

  • Fostering a quality mindset and culture
  • Identifying organisational testing and quality capabilities
  • “Fundraising” for quality improvement initiatives

Besides presenting concrete ideas, Mette will also give a brief introduction to the new version of the ISTQB certification called Agile Test Leadership at Scale (ATLaS).

27 November - Full Day

Organisations are always evolving and adapting to new challenges. When organisations want to become more Agile they often start a large transformation initiative. By transforming organisational structures, processes and the language used, people should change their behaviour and adopt Agile values and principles. This should result in a culture change and other benefits both commercially and for the good of the people in the organisation. Does that transformation has anything to do with us, testers, QA engineers, test managers, test leaders, etc.?
Yes, everyone is an important contributor and it starts with one self. 

In this workshop, you will work with yourself and explore how you can help promote a quality culture. You will get the opportunity to use examples from you current or past jobs.